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2013: Second Year

The Golden Garland Awards honor adults in Polk County who make the community a better place to live.

    Nominate an
    Outstanding Citizen

    From Aug. 1 to Sept. 15, you are invited to send in nominations. Please review the list of nominees. If the person you want to nominate has been nominated already, please add your comments in the Facebook comment section at the end of the nomination. A person can be nominated only once in a category.

    If you add a nomination of your own, please click here.

    After nominations close:

    • Six three-member panels will review nominations in their category and pick the winners.

    • All nominees will be introduced and winners announced at a ceremony on Nov. 11 at the Polk Theatre in Lakeland.

    • Each nominee will receive a certificate and winners will receive a trophy and have their stories featured in The Ledger, The News Chief, and in Inside Polk magazine.

    2012 Winners

    Awards are given in six categories:

    The Arts

    A person who is an accomplished visual or performing artist or teaches in one of those fields.

    Community Service

    An individual who gives their time and energy to help those around them.


    An individual who is seen as a teacher and motivator, one who relates to students, parents, peers and administrators with ease, all while forging ahead to improve education.


    Someone who is innovative and creative and uses those talents to develop products or processes to help improve the community.


    A person who is innovative and creative while also compassionate and caring toward patients. This person helps take his practice, group or hospital to the next level.


    This person can be an athlete, coach or volunteer, someone who believes sportsmanship and fair play trump everything else.